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venture building done right

One of the Key Areas of focus and delivery for Delphinium is that we are focused on enabling ventures getting access to funding, actively helping businesses to secure funding from private and institutional investors, as well as through Digital Assets such as NFTs.

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our solutions & services

access to finance & fundraising

scale your business globally

nft, web3.0 , metaverse & digital assets

investment & valuation services

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design & marketing solutions

let us feature you in our podcast

pitch deck consultation & advisory

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IN support of dei, unsdgs and high impact projects

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access to finance and fundraising

We have access pools of local and global investors of various capacities and intermediate businesses which are looking for funding. We help businesses to fund raise by connecting you to the right investors and supporting you with venture building, fundraising and advisory support. *

If you are an Investors, a Private equity player, Venture Capitalists, Angels, runs a Family Offices feel free to join our Investors platform where you will get access to high proprietary deals. *

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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Turn a business expansion to the world

scale your business globally

Our extensive network of ecosystem players allows us to help you to scale your business globally, either in terms of onboarding new clients or helping to establish your business in newly identified geographies.

nft, web 3.0, metaverse & digital assets

Our highly effective and creative team will help you to create and design your NFTs should you like to create some for yourself individually or for your own business.

We also interview subject matter experts in the Web 3.0 space. This will elevate your presence, increases brand awareness, presence and brand equity.

For businesses wanting to have an NFT gallery in the Metaverse or hold an event in the metaverse, we have the capacity to deploy that. Kindly contact us for further inquiry.

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valuation services, term sheet & agreement drafting services

We provide valuation, term sheet and agreement drafting services for your businesses. Determining the value of your business prior to meeting investors is an important element.

Investors may also like to seek confirmation/validation of their figures from independent external evaluator in confirming the value of a business that they have/are going to review.

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We are connected to global buyers and sellers of various commodities, real estates and international projects. Should you have a need to source for a certain type of commodity or are looking for buyers or sellers, do drop us a line.

design & marketing solutions

We help businesses to present the Best of yourself & your business to the world, to have high brand equity through consistent and concerted efforts in marketing.

We also design flyers, graphics for events or festivities with your business logo on, short video clips and even marketing campaigns with our partner, Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing Arm.

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let us feature you in our podcast

If you are active in entrepreneurship, the Capital Markets, Crypto, NFT, AI, Metaverse, AR/VR/XR then you are a potential candidate to be featured on our global podcasts, conducted by us and our Strategic Partners, namely the Digital Assets Takeaway, The Crypto Genius Show and more. We also work with accelerators to run podcasts for your outfit. Inquire within.

Pitch time

IN support of dei, unsdgs and high impact projects

We are advocates of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We are in support of all UN SDGs and High Impact Projects. If you are a Founder for High Impact Projects and looking for investors please reach out to us.

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pitch deck consultation & advisory

Presenting data in a way that catches investors eye and interest is of paramount importance. Studies have it that some people have short attention span and presenters will need to bring the right amount of energy to the table. Not only that, the business idea presented must make good business sense and be intriguing enough for the investors to bite.

The use of relevant metrics, graphics and well as relevant business information can make or break the deal. Talk to us. We can help you.

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NFT.NYC 2023 "Innovation for Good: Tokenising Knowledge and Green Earth"

Each of the NFTs below represent an investment opportunity that supports high impact investments,


Supporting global Women Entrepreneurs and DEI


This AI NFT art piece is made of 100 women global entrepreneurs done Van Goh Style. The name Dynamika depicts the dynamic energy that flows between each of the entrepreneur & woman leader as they build their businesses and scale their presence. Silvia is an herb that heals (genus; sage, rosemary) Salvia holds the symbolic meaning of longevity, wisdom, esteem, and good health.

This art piece is available for 1000 copies each at 0.6Eth each. Each copy will come with a distinct serial number. The sale of this art will help the founder to run her business from South East Asia and fits the aspiration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Available at link:

Click at the NFT to access the NFT site



The Delphinium NFT is available for start-ups and ventures needing advice on how to scale, review your pitch deck and how to better present and connect your case to investors. It also serves as an access to membership and one on one consultation with a venture builder.

Available at link:

Click on the NFT to access the NFT site


In an effort towards a greener world, we have come up with a Tree NFT. For each purchase of this TREE NFT, a tree will be planted in South East Asia under your name. A certificate will be provided. This initiative is in line with UNSDGs 11, 13 & 15.

For serious Agritech investors, this Tree NFT also acts as an access to an Agritech Venture which grows Paulownia trees in 41 months. Paulownia trees emits 10X more oxygen, absorbs 10X more Carbon dioxide and grows much faster than the normal tree and is a very good tree to address reforestation efforts as well as environment and climate change. Holders of this NFT will be able to get more information on the available investment opportunity and partake in it (T&C applies).

Available at link:

Click the NFT to access the NFT site

Devo NFT - Decentralized Volunteer Protocol

Volunteer Platform built on Blockchain Technology


The DeVO Protocol is a revolutionary ecosystem that uses the power of blockchain technology to create an unprecedented inclusive philantrophic economy via:

1) Providing unprecedented transparency, displaying exactly where donations are spent

2) Rewarding, recording & verifying volunteers' efforts

3) Providing cutting edge corporate services such as highly effective web-3 powered corporate advertising, recruitment and data monetization

Available at link:

Click the NFT to access the NFT site

our partners &

strategic collaborations

For Partnerships & Collaboration Opportunities, kindly enquire within.

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